Memorable Holiday Gifts

One of my favorite holiday memories growing up, and to this day, is getting a new robe or set of pajamas on Christmas Eve from my mom. I think she adopted this tradition due to her five kids pestering her non-stop to be able to open just one gift early. While cozy clothing wasn’t at the top of my list back in the day, it certainly is now.

Do any of your Christmas memories or traditions include something warm and comfy to wear? The idea of cuddling up in bed with a warm drink, or on the sofa to watch a Christmas movie, resonates with me so much.

White + Warren is a brand that knows what’s up in the cozy clothing department. They specialize in cashmere and we all know that cashmere is one of the coziest and most luxurious of fabrics. I fell in love with the Sherpa Plush Fringe Cardigan and have been wearing it non-stop for days. From knits to tops, robes, and dresses, White + Warren is a solid option for this holiday season.

Consider giving the gift of comfort and warmth to someone you love. In my experience, it’s not quickly forgotten!

White + Warren featured items:

Sherpa Plush Fringe Cardigan | Bathrobe | Pocket Tee

Drawstring Short | Laced Crewneck

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Sherpa cardigan from White + Warren
White + Warren cardigan, White + Warren Cashmere shirt, Mother Crop flare jeans, Solsana boots

Photos by Taylr Anne