M.i.h For The Cool Girl

I like to use Fridays to talk about a brand I’m really loving lately, and this time it’s about M.i.h Jeans. I recently went on a fun getaway in Topanga with M.i.h and Taylr Anne (who happens to be one of the coolest girls on the planet). M.i.h Jeans is obviously not just jeans – some of my favorite pieces are their outerwear and oversized shirts. Through a combination of their styles and their minimal branding, they have really laid back, casual, easy vibes.

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with any of their pieces, so I’ve been wearing them all the time! Most pieces are really versatile, and always very cool.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from what I’ve worn lately:

Lana Sheepskin Warmer | Tove Dress | Carter Shirt | Lou Jean | Lola Dress | Malmo Sweater

Mih Dress Jacket Michelle Take Aim & Taylr Anne, Mih Jeans
Camel Mih Coat
Mih Camel Sweater
Mih Black Jeans
Mih Cozy Sweater Vest
Mih White Button Up Shirt


I’m always lighting candles around my place to keep a cozy and nice-smelling environment, but I came across this DIY on Pinterest and thought it was so cute! Plus, I really like anything all natural I can add to my life. Super cute!

Inspired by DesignLoveFest.com DIY project