I have been noticing that I have been wanting to take more intentional time for myself to have a day of social detoxing. I have been focusing more on mindfulness and having balance in my life. I spent the day at Malibu at the beach relaxing and enjoying the summer weather. 

It is important to give yourself sometime to being present and off your phone. I notice that I am able to enjoy time with my friends and family more when I don’t have the pressure to always post and share online. 

Mindfulness - Take Aim Michelle Madsen from Take Aim sandals bag and hat at the beach

Some tips and boundaries that I have set up for myself is first thing in the morning I stay off my phone while I read, journal and meditate. I give myself time for my own personal reflection before I start thinking about emails, work and my checklist of things that need to be done for the day. Building that into my everyday routine has been crucial to find that balance for myself.

Mindfulness - Take Aim Michelle Madsen in Malibu

I am going to be super busy getting ready for Fashion Week this weekend but I am taking a couple hours each day to not be on my phone. I use the app “Waking Up” for when I get up first thing in the morning. It is a meditation app that helps me to set my intentions for the day. 

Do you guys like to take breaks for social media, what has been helpful for you?

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