Modern Bohemian

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Flared pants and fringe details are everywhere I look… but it’s not the typical bohemian style you’d think of when you hear these words. It’s kind of like minimalism starting dating bohemian and they’ve created this mix-breed style that I just decided to name : Modern Bohemian.

When trends come and go, you can always keep the foundation of your style true to yourself and incorporate fun things (like fringe) in a way that compliments what you already have going on.  I’m starting to wear flares more and more but for someone that doesn’t usually wear fringe, this Perfext denim jacket is minimal and structured enough to make an appearance in my wardrobe.


ThePerfext Jacket | Aritzia Shirt | Vince Bag

Coach HeelsThe Fifth Label Pants

The Perfext Fringe Jacket, All black outfit
The Fifth Label flare pants, Coach creeper heels

Aritzia blouse, Vince purse, The Fifth label flare pants, Coach heels The Perfext fringe denim jacket, Vince bag, The Fifth pants Aritzia shirt, The Perfext denim jacket

Photos by Taylr Anne