My Dream Bed

Matteo bedding made in Los Angeles

Maybe you’ve heard it said that the most important piece of furniture is your bed. I’d definitely agree. I used to get a lot of back and neck pain before I invested in a good mattress and pillows, and since it’s become an important way for me to take care of myself (getting as much sleep as possible), I’ve recently invested a little bit more into getting new sheets, pillows and a comforter.

I’ve been living away from my parents for almost 10 years and I finally feel like I have an ‘adult bed.’ This is the first time I’ve had decorative pillows and a duvet that I love. The bedding is from a local store in the Arts District called Matteo. They’re actually a really cool company, dedicated to keeping manufacturing local to LA and proud to produce high-quality stuff with slower sewing methods and high-inspection standards (as opposed to the mass-produced, machine-automated sheets that tend to be less-comfortable). Having a vintage linen duvet makes such a big difference in the overall appearance of the bed! I chose Greige as my accent color but there’s so many great colors to choose from.

For my new pillows and comforter, I went to Wayfair. They have such a large selection of everything you’d need for your home, but more specifically, a decent-sized selection of bedding options. I went for tempurpedic pillows on the firmer side because I need a lot of neck support. My family is prone to carrying our stress in our necks and it makes for a lot of headaches, unfortunately. I’ve found that a good tempurpedic pillow helps me out a lot. I also got a couple extra plump front pillows and a summer down comforter since it doesn’t get too cold in LA. I’m one of those weird people that can’t sleep without covers so I’ve been really pleased!

I recently painted the brick behind my bed white and it’s really brightened up our room. If you don’t already know, I live in the warehouse district of downtown so it’s been a process over the last few years transforming it into a place that is really homey. I’m still working on renovations every month.

So that’s my dream bed finally come to life. I spend 6-9 hours a day in this spot, which translates to over 3,000 hours a year! If you’re like me, your bed really is your most important piece of furniture. If you’re in the midst of updating your home, I’d say your bed is a great place to start.

From Matteo: Linen Duvet | Linen Sham | Pillowcases | Flat Sheet | Fitted Sheet | Decorative Pillows

From Wayfair: Front Pillows | Sleeping Pillows (if you like firm) | Down Comforter

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