My Experience with Olay Retinol24

My Experience with Olay Retinol24

I’ve been working on keeping my skin hydrated this fall as the seasons are changing and I’m so prone to dry skin in this weather! It’s always a tough balance finding products that will work to treat and improve skin texture and brightness BUT also maintain a hydrated glow. We want it all, right ladies?! Olay’s Retinol24 line is so revolutionary to me because it is affordable but never disappoints in quality and innovative technology. I have been using the night eye cream in my daily regimen for the past couple of weeks and I’ve seen my skin improve in texture and brightness! I love that! In the past when I’ve used products with Retinol, it’s always dried me out and caused irritation. I’d resolved to use retinol only once a week or, honestly, never – ha! Now that I can get the benefits of retinol WITH hydrated skin, I’m loving it! Retinol is so good for your skin and since I’ve been using the Retinol24 by Olay, my makeup even goes on smoother.

My Experience with Olay Retinol24 - Take Aim Olay Retinal

My favorite product is the night eye cream. It’s the perfect way to give my skin some love at night right before going to bed – both calming and ultra-hydrating. I noticed that the next morning my eyes were brighter and looked more awake. Olay’s products are formulated with vitamin B3, so when paired with the retinoid, it does not result in the dryness you may have previously experienced using retinol! My fears about using a retinol are gone and needless to say – so impressed! I definitely recommend giving this little trio a try if you’re looking for that firm, bright and hydrated skin (aren’t we all?!)

Now that it has been four weeks, I’m really starting to see results and excited to watch my complexion continue to improve! Thank you Olay for partnering with me and giving me glowy skin!