My Favorite Trips Last Year

At the end of every year I always look back on what posts were all of your favorites as a way of preparing for the new year and getting to know you guys and what you want to see here. This past year, I noticed that my travel posts seem to be some of your favorites! I originally started Take Aim mostly focused on fashion, and while that’s still obviously a huge passion of mine and something I will always post about, it has been fun to incorporate more things like home and travel too as Take Aim grows.

In honor of a great travel year last year and in anticipation of another great one this year, I decided to make one big post on some of my favorite trips ever taken. I included a little bit about each one, a link to my original blog post about the trip, and some of my favorite spots and adventures!

Not sure if it’s too early to plan Spring Break trips or not (never too early, right?) but hope you can get some ideas and save this list for next time your planning a trip.

Where do you guys think I should go this year?

travel time!

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Last year, I traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, to work on a really exciting project with Pandora Jewelry. My manager, Becca, dragged me out of bed at 5AM to go on a safari! I’m so glad she did. There is nothing like seeing these beautiful animals in the wild; zebras, giraffes, rhinos… and when I saw elephants roaming in South Africa I had to beg my safari driver to pull over and let me say hi. This was such an adventurous trip!

safari adventure

My trip to Thailand last summer was so amazing. Something about Thailand gives me so much joy and energy and a love for people. If you’ve never been, seriously, add it to your list!

The first day I was there I went to the floating market and the open air market, which are really cool cultural experiences. These markets have Thai women in boats selling homemade food and local produce, it’s kind of like the farmer’s markets we have here in the states! There’s definitely some cultural shock as you walk around and see raw beef, seafood and chicken literally everywhere… but that’s how the Thai people roll!

After a couple days in Bangkok, I headed towards Phuket and checked in at the beautiful Keemala Hotel (aka hotel of my dreams!!) It was the most amazing hotel I have ever stayed at. It was kind of like tree-houses and bungalows tucked away in the forest and we even had sliding doors right out to our own negative edge pool. I knew the second that I walked in that my trip was going to be way too short. The resort is also a wellness center, so they had amazing green juices and all the food was made from local produce. Amazing rooms and amazing food all in one!

i heart thailand

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From swimming in waterfalls to helicopter rides, my trip to Kauai last year was a dream! One of my favorite parts of the trip was the helicopter ride over the island. It felt like I stepped into Jurassic Park, since the movie was filmed in Kauai. This trip was such a wonderful experience for me, and really let me explore my adventurous side. After climbing up an incredible waterfall, I found a rope swing and decided to go for it! This was a really cool moment for me to just let go and be fully present where I was.

waterfall adventures

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Last spring, I visited St. Lucia. The place we stayed was a total dream! It was the over the water bungalows at the Sandals St Lucia Grand Hotel (heart eyes). So dreamy, right??? The entire place is all-inclusive, so there was a full bar, espresso machine (important) and 12 restaurants that we had free access to throughout our stay. One night we actually went to a block party in the area, which was a really fun experience. It was a mix of locals and visitors, dancing and eating and having a great time. The trip was such a good mix of new things like that and time spent just lounging and taking a break from the world.

beach life

My first Milan Fashion Week was a great experience! I’m actually Italian (my mom’s side), so it was fun to visit the place of my roots! We saw so many fun things, but I think my favorite was the Duomo Cathedral. The food was also amazing – Every corner of Milan has some place where you can get bread, croissants and coffee, and the gelato stops are literally everwhereand I had gelato just about every day. I went to a really cute cafe called Vanilla Bakery with Leonie (@ohhcouture) and we ate lots of sweets. The decor was all pink and very cute. Milan is just so dreamy!

 ciao bella

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I really loved London, even more than I expected to. It is such a beautiful, old city and in some ways it’s really a mix of New York and Paris. It has the bustling, big city vibes of New York, but also the old time romance of Paris.

I stayed at the Sanderson Hotel, which was the perfect location to get to shows and photo ops around the city. My room felt just like how I pictured a classic London hotel to feel – very luxurious, white bedding, natural light and pretty colors. The hotel also had the cutest swinging seat outside which was perfect for photos!

exploring london

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I have been lucky to travel to so many beautiful places around the world, but my trip to The Amalfi Coast takes the cake. I took a few day trips to Positano and Capri which are both well known beach towns on the coast. Those were really fun because you travel there on boat, and then the views are really incredible. Positano has those famous orange beach chairs and umbrellas and the hills behind it are full of Italian houses and buildings — so pretty. And the water in Capri was SO blue, like nothing I’ve ever seen.Then I jetted off to Florence for a few days!

capri for days

I ate pizza and gelato every single day in true Italian fashion. The people were so friendly, the coffee was really good and I even tried octopus for the first time — not bad! I also spent some time at the Belmond Hotel Caruso where the had the most beautiful infinity pool by the water and so much perfect Italian-style decor. As per usual in Italy, everything was beautiful and I had gelato literally every day (It’s just sooo good in Italy).

pizza life

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And last but not least! Paris in the fall! I looked forward to this trip all year (what girl doesn’t love Paris?) One of my first stops was the Eiffel Tower of course, as well as the carousel which is an amazing spot for photos. One of my favorite things about Paris, is the amazing food. I stopped at so many corner cafes while running around the city, since I can’t get enough of all the yummy croissants and pastries! There’s just too much delicious food in this city, I couldn’t help myself but stop at every bakery! Every turn in Paris is a surprise, with gorgeous architecture and shops. Even if you’ve been to this city countless times, you could still see something new around every corner. Can’t wait to visit again soon!

dreams of Paris

This year there are so many more trips to be taken, and I can’t wait to share the adventure! Share some of your favorite trips from last year in the comments :)

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