My WeHo Home Renovation Part 1

a tour of my new home (before)

I am so excited to share this post with you! The last few years have had so much transition for me — Take Aim has been expanding and growing (exciting!) and I have moved 4 times in less than 2 years (omg). A few months ago, after years of renting, I finally bought my own place! I see so much potential in it — tons of windows, a lot of open space, beautiful wood floors — but it’s also currently so old and pretty ugly (hah). I’ve had plans to redo everything since before I moved in here, and it’s finally starting to happen.

With blogging keeping me so busy, I asked my friend, Julie, to come and help me design the place. Julie and I met 4 years ago at one of my first big blogging gigs. I was modeling for a fashion show on KTLA with my blogger friend, Taye Hansberry (hahah don’t judge me but the link to that super old blog post is here). Julie was working for Taye at the time, and when we met we immediately knew we would be friends <3

A year later Julie officially moved to LA and she has worked for me in various ways ever since then — we can’t seem to stay away from each other! Not only did Julie recently launch a design house (aka she’s obsessed with making things look cool), but we also have really similar taste.

People have said we are “the same person” or think we’re related all the time… so when I decided I needed some help designing my house, I thought of her right away!

My style is inspired by the minimalist looks in that I really like clean, white, simple spaces, but I also love adding pops of color and lots of plants and making everything super Instagrammable (obvi). Right now I’m kind of obsessed with blush pink, anything velvet and brass/gold fixtures, so I plan to incorporate a ton of each of those. I’m especially excited for a new kitchen (fingers crossed that I can knock down some walls!) and a new master bathroom. Those two rooms are the biggest eye sores of the place right now, but we have such exciting plans for each of them, so I can’t wait.

Julie and I are both going to be vlogging and blogging the entire process from start to finish. You can check out Julie’s blog post here, watch our vlog below and keep scrolling for some before pictures and our inspo. You can also go to our shared Pinterest board for more inspo and some specific pieces we have our eye on!

So excited for this project and so glad to have you guys following along xx


blush kitchen, old retro kitchen, home renovation kitchen before picture

There are so many amaaaazing kitchens options so it was hard to decide on the right look at first! We know want to have lots of white, open shelving on top, a marble backsplash, plants and rose gold/blush accents and a bright floor. We are thinking either a white/gray tile or terazzo… which do you guys think we should do?

Michelle Take Aim Home Renovation Kitchen Inspiration

dining room

minimal dining room, eucalyptus center piece, concrete dining room table

We are still figuring the set up of the dining room out because it’s depends on whether we can for sure knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room! Either way, we want part of it to be a cute little dining/kitchen nook for cozy breakfasts in the morning and hopefully some more open space for entertaining.

Dining nook, dining room inspo, beach house inspo

living room

WeHo Home renovation, minimal living room, Modernica sofa, white living room

For the living room, I want to add in more pops of color and fill up the space a little better! I want to hang the TV on the wall and find an amazing media console for below… This room will definitely be the perfect spot for more plants too.

Michelletakeaim WeHo Home Renovation Living Room Inspo


wood and tile fireplace, tile mantle, home renovation before picture

I love the idea of having a cute fireplace in my house! We are hoping to be able to take down part of this wall if HOA allows, but I want to keep the fireplace part up. We would definitely re-do the front of it with bricks or tiles and add some pretty decor on top. I also love the look of a wood-burning stove. We’ll see what works best once we have some of the construction details more finalized.

michelletakeaim fireplace inspiration, tile fireplace with mirror and plants, birch wood fireplace


minimal office space, minimal desk, white desk, neutral office

I spend a lot of time at this desk! Right now I feel like I have papers floating everywhere so I really want to figure out some shelving and a good way to organize everything. I’m also typically just really affected by my environment, so I really want my office to be a beautiful, motivating, energizing space. We’re thinking about getting a custom neon sign for here that says “take aim.” <3

Minimal Office inspiration, office shelving


blogger closet, dream closet, shoe wall, closet goals, huge closet

So my closet is the one part of my house that I’ve actually spent a little bit of time setting up how I want it, because it’s just such an important part of my day as a blogger. I’m still looking into ways I can make this space even cuter though — We’re thinking of adding a cowhide rug (faux of course!), an accent chair and some plants to make it a cute little sitting area.

Michelletakeaim closet goals, pink ottoman with plants and light


Minimal, white and cream bed, minimal apartment, white bed with throw pillows, Los Angeles apartment

I loveeee my bed (aka I love sleeping) but I haven’t had an actual bed frame in months… even at my last apartment! I’m planning to get a cute bedframe, add some artwork to the wall and refresh all of my bedding. We also love the look of this wood divider wall, so I think it’d be cool to add in something like that to separate my bed area from my closet.

Minimal bedroom, brass sconce, mid century modern nightstand with Kinfolk magazine


home renovation before picture, old bathroom, outdated bathroom

I actually have two bathrooms and I want to redo both of them, but the master bathroom is the one that needs the most work for sure. I want to totally redo this space and hopefully open it up so that I can fit a standing tub, a bigger shower (or combine the shower and tub!) and have a good way to organize all of my skincare and beauty products. I’m more excited about this room than any of the other ones because all the natural light and the size of it means it has so much potential, and it will feel like such a transformation when we’re done.

michelletakeaim bathroom inspiration, minimal white bathroom, standing tub, modern bathroom, modern standing tub


patio renovation before picture, turf patio, poolside balcony

Last but not least is the balcony. I think this could end up being such a beautiful spot to spend time in the mornings and evenings. We will obviously take out the rotting turf (lol) and add some pretty patio furniture, some string lights and lottttts of plants!

Plants Patio Inspo, cacti, patio inspo

Can’t wait to really get going on this project! Soon I’ll be adding some shopping posts so you can see what items we’re including and stay tuned for more vlogs!

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