Mykonos City Guide

I just got back from my trip to Mykonos and I’m already missing it! This past week I had the most incredible time in Greece, with so many gorgeous things to see on Mykonos Island. I wanted to share all of the fun adventures I had so I made a city guide! Check out all my other city guides here. If you haven’t been to Mykonos yet definitely add it to your bucket list!

Andronikos Hotel

Michelletakeaim Mykonos City Guide Hotel

gorgeous sunsets

Michelletakeaim Mykonos City Guide at hotel during sunset

I stayed at the beautiful Andronikos Hotel on my visit, and loved every bit of it. The views from the roof were amaze, especially during sunset. The style fit perfectly into the landscape of the city, and was such a relaxing stay. They had a great breakfast, amazing pool and the service was so nice. Definitely recommend staying here for a trip to Mykonos.

Michelletakeaim Mykonos City Guide Hotel Sunset

Ornos Beach

Michelletakeaim Weekly Outfit Recap sitting by the beach

beach girl

Michelletakeaim Mykonos City Guide Beach

Ornos Beach is only 5-10 minutes from the hotel, and has just the most amazing views. The beach chairs are perfect for lounging and taking in the beautiful island.

Little Venice

Michelletakeaim Mykonos City Guide in Little Venice

On our last day, we made a trip to Little Venice, where I got the craziest fruit drink! It’s so fun to be right on the water, and was the perfect ending to the trip. The windmills are also super close by, so it makes for a fun afternoon outing.

Michelletakeaim Mykonos City Guide

ocean views

Mykonos Windmills

Outfits of Last Week: Trip to Greece - Take Aim

Michelletakeaim Mykonos City Guide at the Windmills

The Mykonos Windmills were straight out of a movie, and had a beautiful view of the ocean. They’re the iconic staple of the island, so it’s definitely a must see and has cute spots for ice cream.

In Mykonos

The actual town of Mykonos is so classic, with all the white buildings and little streets. I had so much fun just exploring the town, and all the local vibes. We rented scooters one of the days, so we could really take in the city, and it was definitely a good choice. This perfect little alleyway restaurant is called Kastro’s, and is a perfect photo op spot :)

Michelletakeaim Mykonos City Guide in the Village

Michelletakeaim Mykonos City Guide in Greece

mykonos adventures

Nammos has an amazing restaurant on the beach where all the yachts port. The food is soooo good, and has all the party vibes. It’s attached to the Nammos village where they opened up all the shops, and I attended the launch celebration where Gigi Hadid and Emrata hosted the party and did the ribbon cutting. It was such a nice event and they have a Gucci, Dior and Louis Vuitton that just opened!

Michelletakeaim Mykonos City Guide in Greece at the beach

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