Nerium Skincare Regimen

A few months ago my sister, Lauren, introduced me to the Nerium Skincare Regimen.  Best known for the age-defying night cream, Nerium has used science to create products that are clinically proven to reduce fine lines, improve texture of the skin, resolve areas of discoloration and make the skin more firm. It’s like reversing time for the most important skin on your body – your face.

I’ve been using the night cream for a few months now and have noticed a great improvement in the fine lines I get on my forehead. It’s also made my skin a lot more smooth and even, which helps with makeup application and overall radiance. You can see some before and after photos of other users here. I’m now beginning the entire regimen, including the Day Cream, Body Lotion (for firming or stretch marks) and supplements.

There’s a ton of information and videos on the Nerium site if you’d like to get some more knowledge on the products. This company has seen some insane growth over the last couple of years and have even been awarded as one of the fastest growing american companies.  Beyond having quality products that produce results, there’s also a whole side of the business dedicated to helping people succeed in having your own business from home. This is a journey that my sister has begun and she’s very excited about all the opportunity to grow and generate income through organic sales. If you have any interest in learning more about how you can get involved, or earn your skincare regimen for free, email her at or send me an email ( and I can introduce you!