New Beginnings

Over three years ago when I started Take Aim, I did so in response to a deep desire to create a space where I could express myself and be immersed in the fashion industry. The name “Take Aim” was as much to remind myself, as to inspire others, to define my dreams and actually go after them… no matter my lack of confidence.
Lately, I’ve been feeling a strong pull to pick up an old teenage passion again: dance. Dance is a beautiful form of expression and something that I can’t keep from thinking about almost any time I’m listening to music. Here and there, over the past few years I’ve picked up classes in jazz, contemporary, ballet and tap again, but I think I want to take on dance with more passion. I got these dance shoes from Bloch recently and it seemed like perfect timing and a push in the right direction to make this happen. Especially with the new year in view, I think my newest aim will be committing to dance again. Just like I did three years ago, I’m going to jump in and immerse myself and hopefully I’ll have something dance-related to share with you guys soon. Wish me luck!
Beyond dance classes, I have a few other resolutions that I came to after meeting with my husband, my friends and spending some time alone in my thoughts. Here’s what I plan to focus on this year:
1. Reading more. I’m going to aim for one new book a month but more practically, to read 30 minutes in the morning and evening before bed. Kind of a first and last of each day.
2. Planning ahead. I’m a bit of a procrastinator if I know I can get away with it so this year I’m going to put myself in more of a routine so I can avoid stress and avoid that feeling of always being behind. My goal is to have my posts ready the night before, if not the week before. I want to be thinking 2-3 weeks ahead about projects that I’m working on. Lastly, I want to intentionally spend specific days of my week focusing on different parts of my business so I’m more effective, whether it be creating, organizing, running errands or doing computer work.
3. Prioritizing heath and fitness. While I’ve always cared about both, I’m partnering with my good friend Lisa Dengler to plan workouts together doing things like barre class, yoga or some personal training sessions. We’re also both going to learn how to cook more healthy meals and eat out less.
4. Creating a home. I’ve lived in a warehouse space for the last four years and it’s about time to start updating, well, just about everything. My style has changed a lot in the last few years so I’m excited to pick a few things each month to work on, with the end result being a home that I love.
Those are my main goals and resolutions. I’m such a planner that it’s actually been really enjoyable for me to reflect back on the year and also look ahead towards all the new beginnings. I’m so ready for you, 2016!
What goals and resolutions do you guys have?
Bloch dance shoes

Photos by Benjamin Ewing