New Website & Exciting Upcoming Collaboration

You guys might have noticed that I launched a fully new website last year! It was a really exciting project to work on, and I love how it turned out. The entire site was the brain-child of my friend, Nina, who is an incredibly talented designer and overall visionary and her team.

Nina and her team helped me figure out everything from the colors, to the fonts to the layout and even little animations on my site — they’re amazing!  Anyways, I wanted to fill you in on a few things Nina-related:

1. Nina’s company, Weekday Studio, just launched their own new website — super beautiful. Check it out here.

2. You guys have to see this cutest nail salon she designed (I’m dying to visit and see it for myself). It’s called Color Camp and her and her team did all the branding and interior design. So cute

3. I am so excited to collab with Nina on a new project called Let’s Hele. It’s a quiz site that helps people plan their perfect customized trip to Hawaii (I think I may have to do some location scouting with her… :)) It’s going to be beautiful and also informational about all the hottest spots in Hawaii. Can’t wait… stay tuned!

I just love getting inspired by all things design/branding/beautiful and Nina has been a go-to any time I need vision. Wanted to share some of their beautiful inspo with you too!

Here are some things Weekday Studio has designed (just pulled these screenshots from their website!):

weekdaystudio colorcamp, los angeles nail soa

color camp

Color Camp Weekday Studios, Cute Nail Salon weekdaystudio color camp nail salon

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