New Year’s Attire

During the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day I like taking time to reflect on what my year has been all about. Looking back on any year can bring up a variety of emotions can’t it? I’m sure we can all relate with moments of disappointment, challenge, joy, and plenty else.

This year I thought I’d briefly share some of the opportunities and experiences that meant the most to me. They might sound fun or exciting (and they certainly had their moments), but by no means were they always easy or glamorous. At times they were quite challenging, actually (i.e. jet-lag, unexpected expenses, missed opportunities for collaboration). I share these though because they were important and significant to helping me grow both professionally and personally. Which of your year’s experiences have meant the most to you?

Travel. This year I had some incredible opportunities to travel, including trips to Thailand, Aruba (a Dutch Caribbean Island off the coast of Venezuela), Mexico, NYC, the San Juan Islands up in Washington state, Montana, and the Canadian Rockies, to name a few! It’s been a year of travel and I can only hope that next year is the same.

Collaboration. I was able to work with some of my favorite brands. One of my biggest motivations for growing as a blogger has been the goal to collaborate with brands that I respect and get excited to wear. This year has been a huge step in that direction for me and it’s really been a dream come true.

Blogging. While I have been blogging here on my website for more than three years, as of March I had the opportunity to make it my full-time job. This has been a huge goal of mine and I love waking up to my dream job every morning.

Office. In addition to all of the excitement above, this year I was able to get my own office downtown. It has been a great space to work on photoshoots and a quiet place for me to focus and plan for new projects that I’m working on.

I know writer friends who, upon reflecting on their end-of-year, like to reward themselves with a brand new journal to usher themselves into the new year. To take a page out of their book, I decided to end mine in style with an elegant dress. I don’t often wear such an elegant dress but the simplicity and the beautiful lines of this Reiss dress really inspired something in me. And, well, it is New Year’s!

If you find the time, reflect on all the good things that have happened this year and end on a good note. It’s so important to focus on the positive. Have a good last day of the year, everyone!


Reiss Dress | Reiss Heels | Coach Clutch

Coach cross body pebble purse, velvet dress
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Velvet dress by Reiss for New Year's

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Photos by Taylr Anne