NYFW Day 1 Recap

Full textured skirt, NYFW 2016

It’s that time of year again, and I’m back at New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2017! I really do love Fashion Week for so many reasons: so much inspiration, so many exciting new collections, so many interesting people, and so much opportunity for interesting looks outside of my usual style. I also love seeing and getting to know all of the other bloggers and designers at fashion week every year. Typically, I am booked from morning til evening with shows and events, and this year is no exception. I’m staying my first couple of nights at The Roxy in Tribeca. It has really cool jazz/old-time vibes and I love the area. Plus, it’s super close to where a lot of my events are this week, so I’m easily able to walk or uber around. Yesterday was sort of the start of fashion week, but today is when it really took off. Full post below, but first, be sure to watch a one-minute video recap of the day:

Thrifts and Threads + Take Aim NYFW 2016Michelle Madsen NYFW 2016

Take Aim NYFW 2016 Celine Bag at NYFW 2016

Outfit #1:

I started off the day with a full, textured skirt and a long sleeved, choker-style sweater. The skirt was obviously a pretty big statement, and I added in some all brown neutral accessories to pull it together. I wore this outfit around the city for some photos (and a snack at La Columbe Cafe) and then to the beautiful (as usual) Loeffler Randall NYC Showroom and the beautiful Marissa Webb Runway Show.

ALC Top and Bando | Ganni Skirt | Frame Belt | Schutz Shoes

Garrett Leight Sunglasses | Céline Bag

Textured Skirt, Leather Belt, NYFW 2016

Roxy Hotel NYC, NYFW 2016 La Columbe Cafe NYC

The Loeffler Randall Showroom is known for it’s gorgeous, spacious design, so I always look forward to visiting. Right when you walk in, there’s a pretty pink wall and the cutest pink couches. But besides that, I always love Loeffler Randall’s pieces. Their shoes and bags are so unique and somehow still feel very me. I’m really excited about a lot of their new shoes (yes, that means tassels!) and definitely glad I got to stop by.

Loeffler Randall NYC Showroom

Suede Mules, Loeffler Randall Loeffler Randall Office Space

Loeffler Randall NYFW 2016 Showroom
Camel Suede Heels, Loeffler Randall

Ok, not sure what it is with me and suede heels lately, but these are perfect, right?!

Also, the Marissa Webb show was so gorgeous:

Marissa Webb Runway Show, NYFW 2016
Michelle Madsen NYFW 2016

Outfit #2:

I went from there to outfit change #2 to be ready for the Ulla Johnson show (loved it) and stopped by Hotel Americano really quick for some chips and homemade guacamole to keep me going.

ALC Top | Ulla Johnson Sweater (similar) | Maje Pants | Sophie Hulme Bag

Schutz Shoes | Garrett Leight Sunglasses

Black Pants, Tassel Sweater, NYFW 2016
Pink Boxy Bag NYFW 2016
Michelle Madsen NYFW 2016
Michelle Madsen NYFW 2016
Tassel Sweater NYFW 2016

I finished up the day by Ubering basically all over Manhattan and heading to a really cool event for  Maison Margiela Fragrances (including pink sand!) and a full experiential event with Refinery 29 and Ford.

Garrett Leight Sunglasses NYFW 2016
Michelle Madsen, Fashion Blogger NYFW 2016 Ulla Johnson, Creatures of Comfort, NYFW 2016
Rag and Bone NYFW 2016
Michelle Madsen NYFW 2016
Rag and Bone Gray Bag, NYFW 2016
Maison Fragrance, NYFW 2016

Pink everything at the Maison Margiela Fragrance event – so cute to cover the floor with sand! I love it when fashion gets creative and makes it even more of an experience.

Refinery 29, Ford, NYFW 2016

That’s all for today! Be sure to stay tuned on the blog and my Instagram and YouTube for daily recaps of the rest of Fashion Week!