NYFW Day 2 Recap

Well, for the first time ever in my personal fashion week history, I actually had a pretty relaxed day today with only a couple of events. Despite the terrible traffic, I was able to make my way towards Central Park and get to a few meetings in Midtown. After shooting my first outfit for the day, we stopped by the cutest (and tiniest) cafe called Little Collins and then headed back south for my favorite part of the day.

But before you scroll through the rest, here’s a video recap of my day:

Michelle Madsen, NYFW 2016, Amo Denim Jeans Michelle Madsen, NYFW 2016, Suspenders
Michelle Madsen, NYFW 2016

Michelle Madsen, NYFW 2016, Ganni
Michelle Madsen, NYFW 2016, Gucci Shoes

Little Collins Cafe, New York City Little Collins Food in NYC

In the evening, I got to go to the Tommy Hilfiger Carnival Show. It was, by far, my favorite event yet! Pier 16 was flooded with people who were there for the show, including some pretty big celebs (looking at you Taylor Swift!). They had rides and food and lights, and then of course a runway show. It was also really cool to see Gigi Hadid come down the runway – they even had her come out at the end right alongside Tommy. I love a big spectacle when it’s something I’m interested in, so it was fun having a show to attend that was way above and beyond the usual! Plus, the carnival fries were pretty amazing.

Michelle Madsen, NYFW 2016
NYC City Photo, NYFW 2016 Crocodile Bag with Fur Lining, NYFW 2016
Striped Jacket, Tommy Hilfiger NYFW 2016

Today was definitely the calm before the storm, because tomorrow is going to be a little bit insane. Spending the night prepping like crazy right this minute!