OROGOLD – a skincare line made of 24K gold??? That was my initial reaction and I’m sure you guys are thinking the same. It wasn’t until I looked into the philosophy of OROGOLD that I understood that the gold ingredients are just as fundamental as they are luxurious.   Many cultures throughout the centuries have used gold in remedies for the skin – most famously Cleopatra with her golden mask.   The 24K gold ingredients contain nutrients that prevent inflammation, promote elasticity and protect from skin damage caused by free radicals.

OROGOLD combines the gold with other natural ingredients like aloe and green tea extracts. This topic of natural skincare has really hit home for me lately. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and we should be mindful of the ingredients that we rub on it daily.

I’m committed to using an skincare line that I can feel good about and I love the results I get with OROGOLD. Immediately after applying the creams my skin has a shimmer and a glow. I am also using some of the collagen line and it has really reduced the fine lines I get around my forehead.

I love the dewey glow!

Some of my favorite products:

Cleansing Kit | Deep Renewal Night Cream | Intensive Eye Serum | Collagen Seaweed Mask

Orogold serum with 24 karat gold flecks Skincare routine with Orogold Orogold night cream Orogold Eye Serum Orogold glowing skin

Photos by Taylr Anne