Outfits Of The Week: Santa Barbara to LA Summer Days

Hey everyone! Summer is flying by… I heard someone talking about an end of summer party coming up in a few weeks and was SHOOK. I guess part of being in LA is enjoying a very long summer, so I’m worried the warm weather is going away but more that all the fun things that happen in LA during the summer will be coming to an end. I was able to go to Cinespia a couple weeks ago and have a Palm Springs trip coming up so I’m trying to take advantage of the summer months while I can. The theme of this summer for me has been to become and ADULT. While I feel I’m a pretty responsible person, I realized how hard it is too keep up on adult things when I was traveling as much I was earlier this year.

I have stayed pretty committed to spending most of the summer in LA and still plan to do so over the next month, minus a quick trip to Palm Springs and a week in Mexico (couldn’t say no!) Why does adulting have to take so long! Whether it’s been getting a driver’s license or figuring out my taxes or renovating my condo… I’m getting a couple steps checked off my list each week. It feels good! Last weekend I was able to spend a little bit of time outside of LA by going to a gala at Lotusland in Santa Barbara. I went with Etro and got to wear this beautiful silk patterned dress.

Back in LA, I’ve been really enjoying having the time to explore so many different kinds of workouts. A couple of my favorites this week have been taking a hip hop class at Playground LA and doing an aerial arts class. I used to dance growing up so it felt so good getting back into it. If you live in LA, there are so many studios that offer amazing classes. I definitely plan to go back to both and try some other dance classes at Playground – PSA don’t be fooled if you see kids in your class, they are usually the best!

What fun plans do you guys have going on this weekend?


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