Outfits Of This Week: NY to LA

Last week was a full week of traveling back to LA from New York, getting my life and all my adulting needs in order, then packing and leaving for my next fun trip! I spent the weekend in New York doing some final photo shoots and enjoying the city. New York was so beautiful and I loved being able to just walk around the city.

Once I got back to LA it was full of appointments, meetings and get all the boring but essential adulting things done. My life has been on rotation from coming home unpacking, washing all my clothes to just repack again and head out!

While I was in LA this week, I went to a Korea spa with Erin, and we spent over four hours in all the different rooms and getting a massage.

I am going to be writing a full blog post of my experience, so stay tuned for that. One of my favorite things to do, especially when I am back in LA is get into my routine of working out and doing good things for my body. I have been trying to implement that routine even when I am traveling but it is always nice to be home.

I have been obsessed with saunas, steam rooms, infrared light rooms, pretty much anything that gets me sweating. I regularly go to hot yoga classes and Shape House, which is a sweat lounge. I have been wanting to explore other wellness classes and experiences. What are some of your guys favorite self care of wellness treats for yourself? I have been thinking of trying Cryotherapy, what do you guys think? Comment below, I would love to hear!


Michelle Madsen from Take Aim in New York wearing white trench coat and Dior bag

| Chloe Bag | Aritzia Coat |

I love this cream coat from Aritizia, it was the perfect spring coat, not too heavy but still added a nice layer.

Michelle Madsen in orange coat and denim with yellow handbag

Michelle Madsen wearing orange coat and yellow bag
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