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It’s a funny thing, being a blogger. I think lots of my friends and family are still wondering what it is that I do beyond posting lots of pictures of myself and filling up a giant closet of clothes. Well – I thought I could explain some things in this post!

Below are some photos of me doing one of my favorite things as a blogger – visiting a showroom and getting to see future collections on brands that I really love – then picking out things to wear for posts I’m working on. These photos are from the Aus Fashion Labels showroom that just opened up downtown and they carry a lot of Australian brands that I wear regularly in my posts. This is just one of the ‘perks’ to the job, but having these photos to share inspired me to take down the curtain and tell you what my normal day/week looks like.

I have considered myself a full-time blogger since I started because I spend most of my time working on things blog-related but I have had other jobs here and there and currently still work on our wholesale and design at LOVE NAIL TREE. It is getting hard to juggle everything because I legitimately have a lot more deadlines, events and opportunities as a blogger now than I ever have before.  There are some downsides to doing what I do – mainly just being selective with my social media, dealing with criticism from others and technically ‘working’ during fun things like Coachella BUT these things aren’t really of complaint to me because there’s so much more good than bad. I truly feel very lucky to do what I do.

On a typical week I go to 4+ events/previews/luncheons, get spoiled with goodie bags and come home to several gifts from brands that I’m partnering with to share about their products. If you don’t know me – maybe this sounds like bragging – but really, I feel so fortunate and lucky. I almost teared up opening a bag from one of the brands that I’m going to Coachella with because they were so sweet to write me a note about how excited they were to work with me and they included a bunch of things I might need while I’m at the festival like sunscreen, battery chargers, snacks, etc. Is this real?!

Keeping up with my instagram is just as important as paying my bills some days and looking at New Arrivals and linesheets is my homework!  In about a week, I’m going to Thailand to share about what a luxurious place it is to visit and when I go to a seminar on new Acuvue contacts, I leave with a Kenzo clutch… Guys. I am spoiled! But I am grateful. It’s a wild and fun “career” that I somehow found myself a part of and I am so grateful to share it with each of you that keeps up with my daily happenings.

Thank you, thank you for all the support – you guys are making my dreams come true.


Cameo Collective Shirt | Cotton On Jeggings

Miista Shoes | Kenzo Clutch | Quay Sunglasses

A couple more answers to the questions from my Instagram post:

1. Currently, I use VSCO to edit my instgram photos but it’s always changing for me. I love trying to create a pretty feed and waver between color schemes and edits. A couple other great apps are Darkroom, Snapseed and Faded.

2. One of the most useful tools I’ve learned by being in the blogging industry is that it’s so important to be consistent and genuine. There are definitely times that I felt like tossing in the towel or taking the week off when I wasn’t getting great feedback but I constantly reminded myself that I enjoyed what I was doing – regardless of the outcome. Being genuine and finding my ‘brand’ was probably the thing that took blogging to the next level for me. I learned to say no to things that weren’t me and to look to myself for opinions and inspiration rather than others. If something doesn’t feel like it’s coming from you naturally – don’t do it! I think people connect to what is true and can sense when you’re being yourself.

Aus Fashion Labels Showroom Visit Showroom Visits, Kenzo Clutch

Quay Eyeware, Cameo Collective TopKenzo clutch, Miista Juliana shoes Cameo Collective top, Cotton On Jeggings Miista Shoes, Cotton On Jeggings

Photos by Michelle Mosqueda