Pinterest Inspired Half Up Braids

I was supposed to spend all afternoon and evening in Beverly Hills yesterday, but I got a flat tire right in my parking garage as I was driving away — the worst! Thanks to Uber (not sponsored… literally just a life saver) I still made it to my evening event! Anyone else have crazy days like that?

Anyways, I wanted to try out something a little different with my hair for the event, so of course I turned to Pinterest. I have three hair boards on Pinterest — Braids on Braids, Knotted Up, and Beachy Waves — which are kind of my go to looks for hair. I feel like the braids board is always sooo impressive to me because people are doing these super complicated looks or they have crazy long, gorgeous hair. I chose this double braid in the back because I love the shape of a half up look.

Here is the end result!

Balayage Braids Hair

And feel free to pin any of my looks as well… my braids board is linked here, or you can always click on any of my photos right here on Take Aim and it will automatically take you to Pinterest to pin it!

outfit of the day, blue shirt, black pants

Saint Laurent Stars Bag

ootd Long shirt

Roger Vivier Black Shoes

Michelle Madsen, Blue Shirt, YSL Bag

 Here are some of the looks from my Braid Board that inspired me:

Pinterest Braid Board