How To Look Professional And Casual At The Same Time

How to look professional and casual at the same time

Hello from NYC! It’s been so cold here this week, which is really fun because I’m not used to bundling up in so many layers and having an excuse at any point in the day to grab a nice warm beverage (Matcha lattes on repeat.) I’ve been doing more exploring and “touristy” things this week which has been really cool and also makes for the best instagram moments… more on that tomorrow!

It’s the ‘LA way’ to dress fairly casual from day-to-day, but places like New York remind me that there’s a time and place for an overall professional look. Maybe some of you work jobs where this is the case every day?  While gathering a few photos for this post I noticed that each photo had a very simple equation: Blazer + Button Down Shirt + Jeans + Black Shoes = Procasual (How do you like that word I just made up?) How much easier would shopping be if everything could be worked down to 1 + 1 + 1 = 3? Making up words and rhyming for you guys too! Hope you all have a good weekend. xx

Los Angeles Rooftop, professional and casual




I’m dying to go to Iceland to see all of the amazing views I’ve seen on other people’s Instagrams! Julia Engel‘s pics are amazing me right now! Have any of you been to Iceland? Any places I have to see if I go?

Julia Engel, Iceland