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Rose & Fitzgerald is a company that I discovered almost a year ago at a cute shop called Alchemy Works in the Arts District – it immediately stole my heart. I’ve been in the process of adding little touches of decor throughout my home and was immediately drawn to their wood and gold planters and kitchen items. As I’ve become obsessed with charcuterie plates (blog post coming soon!), I use my Rose & Fitzgerald cutting board all the time.

While I love each piece that I own, the reason this brand stole my heart is the story behind it. I was going to do my best to elaborate on what they are doing but found the ‘about’ page on their site and couldn’t say it any better:


“We are husband-and-wife duo Courtney Rose and Laren Fitzgerald. We lived in Uganda, Africa for three years, seeking out beauty and talent in a part of the world brimming with intrigue, untapped potential, hidden treasures, age-old artistic methods, and natural, raw materials that reflect the beauty of the wild, delightfully-chaotic landscape in which we lived.

Now based in California, we continue to design each of our goods from afar, which are handmade from start to finish by artisans in our Uganda-based studio—giving the pieces a heart, soul, and story. We aim to forge the future by looking toward the forgotten places—shedding light on over-looked talent, designing and creating rare goods from far away places—all with the intention of surrounding ourselves with beauty that makes us feel more alive.

We invite you to come along on this splendid adventure, because we wholeheartedly believe that geography is no longer our master, the consciousness with which something is made matters, and the adventure is so worthwhile.”


You know how we come across all of these well-intentioned brands that are doing work overseas to make a difference? They are really ‘taking aim’ in a larger scale by trying to impact the world we live in??? I admire every one of them. BUT, I do have to say that what I am drawn to most about Rose & Fitzgerald is that they have created a brand that is also design-focused and they have done a great job producing contemporary African goods that fit within my home and aesthetic. The reason why I think that is SO important is because it’s sustainable. I think it’s hard for a socially conscious company to grow if they must rely only on the compassion we have for a specific community (of course, it would be amazing if every time someone with a good cause needed money, everyone would pull out their wallets… but we know that’s not the case) – how much more sustainable if they are creating pieces that we purchase just because we love them!

Definitely check out what they are doing! You can also read about the impact they are making on their community here. I noticed they just mentioned a new collection launching towards the end of summer and I’m super excited.

Serving Spoon Set | Geometric Planter | Curved Cutting Board

Coaster Set | Geometric Bottle Stopper | Original Wine Holder

Made in Uganda
Gold and wood accents, minimal
Rose & Fitzgerald, Socially Conscious
Rose & Fitzgerald, Home Goods