Round Bags For The French Girl

There’s a lot of buzz lately about how to be the effortless chic French girl, and I don’t know if round bags officially fall into that category, but if they don’t, I really think they should. Something about round bags feels so classic, timeless, feminine and, yes, effortless. I actually wore this bag for the first time while I was in Paris for fashion week, so maybe that’s why the Parisian culture is on my mind <3

I think round bags are such a cute accent for basically any type of outfit, and despite their recent popularity, I found it surprisingly difficult to find them during my most recent online shopping mission. So, I thought I’d save you the work and put together a quick list of my four favorite bags at different price ranges:


This bag comes in sooo many different colors, so it can make a really cute pop of color in your outfit or one of the subtle blues could be a great staple item. If you don’t typically spend a lot of money on bags, it could be a little out of your range, but personally I think bags are the best thing to splurge on since you can wear them forever.

Mansur Gavriel Round Bags


This one is obviously my favorite, because this is the one I’m wearing. I’m so sad to say, though, that it is unfortunately sold out! I have seen a couple of second-hand stores that sell it, so check those or ebay and maybe you’ll have luck finding it! It also comes in a pretty bright blue.

Rachel Comey Round Bags


I love the cute fur on this one, plus the black color and chain strap are amazing for an everyday bag. It’s a little more affordable than the others, but you still know you’re getting great quality!

Kenneth Cole Round Bags


This bag showed up in my email on a COS Store newsletter just as I was starting this post, so I think it was meant for your eyes. The red suede is very me, but I also love the simple black leather one, and it’s a great deal for a nice bag.

COS Store Round Bag