Setting The Table With Snowe

OK the reality is, most days I’m running out the door after shoving a quick try-to-be-healthy-but-tasty meal into my mouth between meetings and events. But when I have time for a sit-down-meal, I try to really enjoy it. And what better way to enjoy a meal than to make it look pretty too (amirite?!).

I recently got a new giant (and really heavy) concrete table and I loved covering it with Snowe’s stunning, classic tableware. I honestly feel like you can’t go wrong arranging the perfect whites and sleek silver utensils, but beyond that, I really relate to Snowe’s philosophy: Fewer, Better.

Their purpose is to create home items that are the quality you need for durable, every day items with the design you want to feel good, and the simplicity you should have for a healthy life.  The principles listed on their website hit it on the nose:

– Keep it simple
– Always have a purpose
– Be there always and forever
– Balance tradition with your own thing
– Be real above all

Their dishes and silverware are obviously impressive, but they also carry really cool Sleep and Bathe products that I hope to try soon! Plus, I’m always into a brand with pretty packaging.

I could probably go on for a while, but for now we’ll leave it at: Making it a goal to eat more sit-down-meals and incorporate simple beauty wherever I can.

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