Impressed With Skinceuticals

I recently got to go to an event hosted by SkinCeuticals to learn a little bit about their products and the science behind taking good care of your skin. I learned so much about Atmospheric Skin Aging and the way that pollution and other environmental factors even go below the surface of our skin and can cause all kinds of problems. We tend to forget that skin is actually the largest organ in our bodies, so it’s so important to treat it well!

SkinCeuticals is all about putting together actual studies to test how effective their products really are. They stressed the importance of natural things, like anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, which can make an immediate difference in how your skin looks and feels, and they said the number one way to protect your skin is to always, always use SPF. Their products include all of these and more, and they’re actually one of the top recommended brands by doctors and dermatologists, because they’ve proven to really work. SkinCeuticals was also published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology for how much effort they put into testing their products and making sure they work!

After the event (we learned a lot, had some amazing food at The Avalon Hotel and got to hang with some other bloggers!) I was really excited about the brand. The products I’m most excited about are:

C E Ferulic – a morning serum full of vitamins and antioxidants. It works on brightening the skin, reducing fine-lines, and is very hydrating for dry skin (one of their best-sellers!)

Resveratrol B E – a nighttime serum that fights against environmental aggressors (pollution, sun, smoke, stress), diminishes signs of aging and improves radiance

Physical Fusion UV Defense – a sunscreen that not only protects from the sun, but also promotes luminous skin

AOX Eye Gel – an under-eye serum that provides protection from the environment, reduces puffiness and fine lines, and refreshes the skin

Knowing, scientifically, that these products are going to make lasting effects long term makes me confident that I’ll be actively protecting my skin from pollution and UV sunlight AND adding vitamins and antioxidants to my skin daily. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a brand that is providing real results.

Here are some photos from event day and some close ups of the products I started with!

Skinceuticals Presentation
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Skinceuticals Products

Skinceuticals Pool Decor Spring Pink Top
Blogger Event

Flowy Pink Top