Minimal Day To Night Slip Dress

I decided to throw back a little bit to my minimal days with a super simple day to night slip dress. I think slip dresses are one of the most versatile pieces of all because they can so easily be styled to fit a really formal look or a really casual look, a really summery look or a really wintery look. It would actually be cool to do some kind of week-long slip dress fashion challenge or something to see how many looks you could get with one dress. If I wasn’t in the middle of Fashion Month, I would totally do it!

This one is from Splendid, and I my favorite part is the cut. It has a subtle v-neck and a cute slit on the side, and it’s a really nice midi length. For my day-time look, I threw on a pair of sneakers and a long cardigan and kept my hair straight. I think it would go well with a casual ponytail too! Then for night-time, I changed into heels and swapped the cardigan out for a blush leather jacket. I love day to night looks because you get such different vibes without having to change your entire outfit (can you say win-win?).

What are your favorite ways to wear a slip dress? Leave a comment/link and I’ll check them out :)

Splendid Slip Dress
Casual white Sneakers
Long cardigan, Gray Chloe Bag
Full length Cardigan Midi dress, Pink leather jacket
Minimal Day to Night Slip Dress
Los Angeles Fashion Blogger
Pink Jacket, Midi Dress