Souvenirs From Geneva: Céline Belt Bag

I posted about my trip to Geneva earlier this week, and one of my favorite takeaways from the trip was my new Celine belt bag. I’ve been really into bags lately as a statement accessory, and when I saw this one it felt very “me.” There was a lot of amazing shopping in Geneva in the city center. We walked through all the fun stores – Chanel, Prada, you name it. The selection was excellent but I feel like when you know you’re going to love something, it catches your eye right away.

What’s really great about shopping in Geneva (besides the feeling of being so European), is that everything is more affordable. Not only are prices lower but tax was included and I was able to claim a tax refund at the airport on my way home. At the end of the day, my bag was over $1000 cheaper than buying in the states – amaze. I was able to try out some high end designer brands without totally breaking my bank – always a good thing. I love that this bag is really simple, while also having some unique-ness to it. The knotted belt strap is such a cute touch, and I like that the handle isn’t too slouchy.

Thanks, Geneva, for an amazing trip with some excellent shopping perks! I’ll be sure to visit again… and already thinking about another good investment piece.


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