My New Favorite Style Detail: Studs

My new favorite style detail is studs: Studs on my bag, studs on my shoes, studs on my jackets. “Studs” is one of those words that sounds weird if you say it too many times in a row, but wearing them on repeat is no problem. I love that they’re minimal, a little bit edgy, and not too distracting. I got this red Valentino bag while I was in New York, and the shoes are a really cool Australian brand, Senso. Accessories will probably always be my go-to outlet for studs, but I’ve seen some cute studded jackets and jeans as well. What you do think? Yea or nay?

Yesterday was pretty chill for me since New Year’s landed on a Sunday this year and I feel like today is really the beginning of the new year. I woke up early, went to yoga and grabbed some green juice on the way home. Feels good! How are your resolutions going?

Red Valentino Studded Purse
Style Detail: Studs


Studded Inspo from Pinterest