My Style Challenge With Aerosoles

Aerosoles Daytime Outfit Shoes Three Ways

A few weeks ago I was able to do a 2 day shooting project with Aerosoles to share about how comfortable their shoes are to wear from day to night. My style challenge was to show how to wear this one pair of shoes — called Downtown — three different ways from morning to night looks in places that inspire me. We spent a day doing things that I typically do, like going out to take pictures at cute spots in downtown, going to meetings and relaxing with an evening out (We went to Perch LA). Each of those scenarios required different outfits – one styled outfit for photos, one professional looking outfit for meetings, and one cute outfit for going out in the evening. These shoes were so easy to pair with all three outfits and were really comfortable even after two days of wearing them all day.

Since the shoes are flat sandals, they’re super summery and perfect for hot days of shooting. They also have a really pretty gold embellishment along the straps, which made them easy to dress up a little bit for the more professional and going out looks. Aerosoles focuses on fashion that feels good, and you can see in the video that the soles are soooo flexible, so they really shape to your foot and stay comfy for a long time.

On the second day of shooting, we did a give back project and went to the Downtown Women’s Center and gave a bunch of shoes to the women there. It was a really cool experience and I love that Aerosoles works on projects like that. There’s such a need for support in downtown LA.

You can watch the full video and read more about the challenge here. Don’t forget to check back soon to see the Do Good challenge Aerosoles will be posting later this month!

Here are some of the photos of how I styled the shoes and the behind the scenes from our project:

Aerosoles Outfit

Aerosoles Sandals

Aerosoles Behind The Scenes

Floral Dress, Angel Wings