4 Types Of Hats You Can Wear In The Summer

Hats you can wear in the summer

I put up this post last summer, and realized it’s so relevant this summer! Here are my new favorite hats for the summer!

Ever since I discovered Janessa Leone, I have worn hats all year round. There are some obvious things that distinguish a summer hat from other seasons of hats: lighter colors, usually straw materials, and sometimes cute tassels or colorful details. I think there are also certain styles of hats that go the best with summer outfits, and my favorites are Boater, Wide Brim and Panama:

1. Boater (aka Bolero)
Boaters are pretty much the same thing as Boleros (just depends on the designer), and these are my favorite. I like the flat tops and straight, flat brims. They’re really easy to wear with any outfit and guaranteed to look summery without needing to be decked out in beach-wear.

2. Wide Brim (aka Floppy)
Wide Brims are the floppy ones that cover your face and truly shield your face and shoulders from the sun. When I think of “sun hats” this is what I picture. They’re ideal for the beach or any time you’re going for a really girly look.

3. Panama (aka Fedora)
I wasn’t sure what the difference was between Panama Hats and Fedoras, so I actually just looked it up (haha… I’m not a hat terminology expert apparently). Turns out, Panama Hats are basically the summer version of Fedoras. Traditionally, Fedoras are made of felt or other wintery materials and Panama Hats are lighter materials like straw, but both are the same shape. Fedoras/Panama Hats are really easy to find in stores because they’re a very popular shape right now.

4. Cursive Details

Another trend that’s really big in hats right now (especially the floppy ones) is to add embroidered cursive words or phrases. It goes well with all the embroidered trends there are in clothes right now as well. I have this one that says “Beach, please” – so cute.



Taylr Anne Summer Hat

Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules Summer Hat

Blank Itinerary

Blank Itinerary Summer Hats
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