Taking Care Of Your Skin

As I’ve gotten a little older, caring for my skin has become something I feel very strongly about. It’s easy to take young, vibrant skin for granted and when you start to see signs of fine lines and dullness it’s a bit of a rude awakening! I know I felt immune to aging skin until it was a reality and now I’m wishing that I spent a little more time investing in a proactive skincare routine.

About six months ago I discovered the Cosmedix brand through a Deep Sea Peel at WAX salon in Silverlake. The peel is actually made from marine extracts found in the sea. It’s kind of an interesting experience to have the marine extracts rubbed into your skin but the results were beyond my expectations. You can expect to feel some sensitivity to touch for the following 24 hours and a bit of peeling the 48 hours beyond that but the result of the peel is a month of vibrant, glowing skin and overall smoothness. It’s also been a great preventative tool for acne and has healed previous acne scars and discoloration by renewing my skin. I tell people that it almost feels like having botox for a few weeks because of how plump and vibrant my skin felt after, and I’ve been getting compliments  too. In my book, there’s no compliment greater than having good skin!

From my experience of the Cosmedix Deep Sea Peel, I knew I needed to look further into the brand since I could trust that the products would make a difference. In addition to a full routine to complement my monthly peels, it’s also great to know that I’m supporting a company that goes out of its way to utilize natural products. We’ve all tried the excessively chemical-laden stuff, and it’s refreshing that they’re using, in their words, “Nobel Prize-winning technologies and blending them with pure botanical ingredients.” Very cool.

Now that I know the importance and the difference that a good routine can make, here are a few of my basic tips for all-around skin care:

1. Find a good skincare brand like Cosmedix and cover your bases on SPF to protect from the sun. Quality ingredients for lasting hydration and key products for restoring dry and aging skin are critical too.

2. De-stress by getting sleep. I can’t emphasize this enough. My skin never looks worse than when I’m low on sleep, so get the amount you need!

3. Lots of water and clean foods. You are what you eat after all. I try to get my fruits and veggies in every day and limit the sugar intake. Green tea is another great way to benefit your skin.

4. Regular Treatments like the Deep Sea Peel facial can give your skin the boost it needs each month. This is one of my biggest beauty secrets and everyone that’s tried it agrees. Also, a few of my favorite at-home treatments are the Simply Brilliant Serum and the Rescue+ Mask to be used daily and weekly.

Below are links to my favorite products by Cosmedix! Also, keep an eye out on my Instagram today for a chance to win a full regimen for yourself!

Benefit Clean | Benefit Balance | Rescue + | Simply Brilliant | Eye Genius | Hydrate +

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Cosmedix Skincare
Cosmedix Skincare
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