Taking Time Off For Balance

Taking Time Off for Balance - Take Aim
Taking Time Off for Balance - Take Aim

This last week I spent quality time with my family in Newport Beach! This is our second year staying at a beach front property during the summer and I love that we’re getting this tradition going.  After a busy, busy first half of 2019, I needed a week to just connect with the people I love and enjoy my adorable nieces and nephews. It’s become so important to me to find balance in my life and to learn to slow down and have time to unplug. Life can get so busy that I end up going weeks without really connecting with loved ones and I want to spend more time with people that are important in my life. I am very close to my family so anytime shared with them is so valuable. 

Balance in all areas of life is what I am after. It really has been a common theme for me in this last year. Whether it’s about focusing on community, or taking time to myself, I know that I need to build in that time to take care and figure out which areas of my life I’m letting go. 

Mental health, physical activity, healthy eating habits, strong relationships, and my faith are areas of my life that I’m committed to investing in. I have picked up a few habits in the last year that have been total game-changers for me and wanted to share them with you guys! For my mental health, I was so challenged and inspired after reading a couple books like Miracle Morning and The Happiness Advantage, that I now wake up in between 5-6am most mornings to invest into myself. This time creates a space to meditate, clear my thoughts, read, be grateful, visualize the person I want to be and start my day with a positive outlook. I cannot tell you guys how transformational this has been for my productivity and overall contentment in life. I also really love the book called “The Happiness Advantage” and the “5 Minute Journal” – both are along the same lines with messaging and so helpful. 

What do you guys do to find balance in your lives?

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