The Apartment By The Line

A quick glance at “The Apartment” by The Line’s website might have you thinking you’re looking through pictures and reading descriptions of an upscale Airbnb nestled perfectly into one of Melrose Place’s recently renovated apartment buildings. While it would certainly make an unforgettable weekend getaway, everything in The Apartment is actually for sale. The Los Angeles location popped up in the last year and it’s been a huge source of inspiration.

Masterfully curated, beautifully designed, The Line is a company that fully utilizes its real estate to advertise the items it sells. Kinda cool, right? While walking through, the vibe you get carries every good thing about visiting a friend’s well-designed home. If you’re ever near Melrose Place I highly recommend visiting. It’s a place I like to go to for ideas for my own home, and for lessons on minimal decor brands.

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Apartment by the Line