The Fable

Ombre short bob, polka dot dress shirt

The Fable is as much an epic story of personal discovery as it is about quality clothing. The owner of The Fable, Sophie, found herself traveling in India after leaving her job. She was drawn to seek out the finest silk she could get her hands on in order to create a truly unique top. After literally 100’s of fabric samples from vendors around Jaipur, she finally came upon the perfect sample from a weaver who used 100% silk, 16mm Sand Washed Indian Crepe (aka: the finest of the fine). This weaver used no synthetic materials, no machines, and artisan dying techniques.

It goes without saying that I love these tops. The quality is great, they fit great, and the added story of the shirt really tops it off for me.


The Fable Shirt | Ariel Gordon Ring and Earrings | Vrai & Oro Ring and Earrings

Dainty rings, Ariel Gordon and Vrai & Oro
Shirt with a story
Polka dot button down

Photos by Cibelle Levi