The Giving Keys

I always love working with brands that have meaningful story and purpose behind what they do, and The Giving Keys is absolutely that. They’re pretty popular these days, but in case you haven’t heard about them, here’s a little snapshot:

The Giving Keys finds old keys and repurposes them by stamping custom words into them and making them into necklaces. The idea is, you choose a word that is meaningful to you, and then when you meet someone else who needs the word even more, you give them the key. It’s all about repurposing and paying it forward. The Giving Keys also employs people who have struggled with homelessness to make their jewelry, which is the founder’s passion behind it all!

All that to say, The Giving Keys recently launched a new look: The Best Friends necklaces. It’s a key that’s split in half and turned into two necklaces: one for you, and one for the BFF. Super cute idea (plus, check out the ribbon choker version… love)!

I love some of their other looks as well; especially the dainty keys and the locks.

Best Friend Necklace, The Giving Keys |
The Giving Keys, Believe Necklace, Michelle Madsen
Key Necklace, Believe Necklace, The Giving Keys

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