What The Great Lives Up To It’s Name

2017 is off to a great start! This week I went to the hardest yoga class of my life, reorganized my closet for a fresh start, and picked up some good, inspiring reads. I also found this new chicken and veggie dish that’s super easy and healthy and a couple of other great recipes, to keep me going throughout the day. Patting myself on the back : )

On Fridays I always post about a brand that is taking aim in a cool way and that I have been wearing often. This week is all about The Great. The Great has the cutest back story of two college best friends dreaming of starting a fashion brand together and succeeding beyond what they dreamed. The friends are Emily Current and Meritt Elliott (also the creators of Current/Elliott), and to this day they are best friends and neighbors. Besides designing and starting these companies, Emily and Meritt have done a lot of celebrity styling, art directing and work on charity projects.

I love love seeing people take aim at a dream and find that it was worth it. Plus, I just really like their clothes (haha… important). Here are a few The Great pieces I am loving:

Vintage black jeans and fluffy cardigan pictured below:

The Great Jacket

The perfect striped button down:


More of the fluffy cardigan and button down because I’m obsessed: