3 Ways To Wear The PJ Trend

I recently got this PJ-style top from Sézane, and fell in love with “the PJ trend.”  There are so many ways to wear it from dresses, to slippers, to tops, and all of them are so comfortable (obviously) and sophisticated at the same time. This week has also been crazy busy, so I guess part of my mind must be thinking about how I need more sleep (lol)!

Here are my 3 favorite ways to wear the PJ trend:

1. Silk Top:  Most of the PJ-style silk tops are also button ups with a cute, flat collar. The one I’m wearing is full-on PJ’s with the white detail at the seams – so cute. I love that it is breathable like actual pajamas but it doesn’t look or feel sloppy like other overly casual looks can feel.

2. Slip Dress: This one is probably the easiest look to pull off since slip dresses can be worn in so many ways. I love the silk ones for more of a PJ look, and they can be paired with dainty black heels or chunky tennis shoes. They’re so versatile!

3. Fuzzy Sandals: I’m really into fuzzy things lately, which kind of surprised me! I just got a new pair of fuzzy sandals that I haven’t had the chance to wear yet (Can’t decide if they’re tooooo fuzzy for me?). These would also be super versatile for casual or dressy occasions.

Since I haven’t worn the PJ trend super often yet, I found some other bloggers you guys can check out for more inspiration. All of the links go to their Instagrams, and you can usually find outfit details there!

Happily Grey

Happily Grey - The PJ Trend

Inspired by today:

On my way to Coachella today which got me thinking about the cutest place I stayed at last year with a bunch of other bloggers. Looking forward to seeing more pretty, desert interiors this year! Photo is from this super inspiring blog post.

Joshua Tree Interior