5 Brands Of Tights You Can Wear Without Ripping

I love wearing tights, and I also love that they are such a great transition piece from winter to spring. But the one problem we can all agree is the worst when it comes to tights is how easily they tear! The cutest outfits can become ruined by tiny snags that turn into leg-long rips. I recently wore a favorite pair of French Connection tights, which got me thinking about what other brands have great tights that you can wear without ripping. I did a little research, and here are five brands that are highly rated and get great reviews on quality so you can kiss your tight-snag days goodbye!

bye tight snag

1. French Connection – These are the ones I’m wearing that I love!

2. Wolford – Probably the highest rated. They actually specialize in hoisery and tights, and they are worth the investment even though they’re on the pricier side for tights.

3. DKNY – I’ve worn other pieces by DKNY that I really liked, so I’m not surprised that their tights get good reviews.

4. Commando – I haven’t tried these, but that name is perfect (haha).

5. Hue – I haven’t tried these either — They sell at some high-end department stores and have a variety of cute styles.

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