Time For Coach

Fashion blogger street style wearing A.L.C.

Today, I get to introduce a new watch into my evolving collection of accessories – the Coach Delancey. Named after the bustling Delancey Street in the Lower East side of NYC, this timepiece carries the edgy New York heritage that Coach has become so well known for. In my experience, watches can add such class to an outfit. Especially with the new warmth of spring and summer, when more of our arms will be showing, a watch can be a great compliment to any outfit.

While greens and browns faded out of my wardrobe for a long time, I’m excited to invite them back in. With an influx of retro-inspired 70’s style that we’re seeing lately, these colors seem like a natural fit. The rich browns and tans in the leather strap are actually a big reason for why I love this watch.

Part of Coach’s story is being the first American house of leather and since it’s Coach’s 75th anniversary, it makes sense that the brand designed a watch with the most genuine and quality materials. One of my other favorite features is its soft-shaped hardware – it definitely has a feminine touch. Also, I really love the added detail of a spring-inspired color peeking through the inside band of the watch.. Congrats on 75 years, Coach!


Coach Delancey Watch | A.L.C. Shirt | A.L.C. Skirt | Sol-sana Boots

A.L.C. blouse and olvie midi skirt
LA fashion blog TAKE AIM Michelle Madsen
Timeless watch Coach
Olive midi-skirt, Sol-sana boots

Delancey Coach Watch high-waisted midi skirt

Photos by Lisa Dengler