Top 10 Touristy Spots For An LA Vacation

You guys already know how obsessed I am with LA and how much I love calling it home. I’ve done a lot of past posts on the best local spots that aren’t super “touristy” (Here are links to past guides for West Hollywood, The Arts District, DTLA, Venice Beach)… but honestly sometimes the touristy places are popular for a reason. So especially for those of you who plan to visit LA from out of town, I wanted to share my top 10 touristy spots for an LA vacation:

Michelle Madsen at Skypace LA

skypace la

Skyspace LA is the number one view of the city from the top of the US Bank building (one of the tallest buildings in LA!). Sunset is a great time to go, with dreamy light all over the city. They even have a glass slide that takes you down a few levels of the building (don’t look down)!

venice beach

Venice Beach is such a unique part of the city. I love the salty air from the beach, the interesting wall art and the live music, but the best part is the main street, called Abbot Kinney. It’s the coolest spot, in my opinion. It’s lined with trendy new restaurants and small designer boutiques, and the whole culture is built around artists and entrepreneurs that are taking aim at all kinds of dreams. The Venice sign is a perfect spot for a photo op!

Michelle Madsen at Venice Beach
Photo: Stephen Reuss @srcreativity
Michelle Madsen on Rodeo Drive

rodeo drive 

Beverly Hills (that’s where I want to be) is one of the most beautiful parts of LA. Rodeo Drive is such an iconic street (Pretty Woman anyone?), filled with some of the best shopping in the city. The street is lined with the perfect palm trees aka a glamorous backdrop for a shopping day.

Blogger Michelle Madsen in Disneyland


Disneyland is technically not in LA, but it’s too good not to include, and it’s only about an hour drive south. They say it’s the most magical place on Earth (I have to agree), and it’s such a treat to have so closeby. Plus, it makes for a great date with my little nephews <3 Mickey pretzel anyone?

the broad

Most people recognize the outside of the Broad museum because it’s a pretty popular photo op. They have a lot of great exhibits inside as well, including the famous “America” sign installment.

Michelle Madsen at the Broad
Blogger Michelle Madsen at The Grove

the grove

The Grove is in the heart of West Hollywood, with amazing shopping and the cutest little food shops. One of my favorite macaron shops, Ladurée, just opened here and is such a cute spot for breakfast or tea time. Attached to the Grove is the original Farmers Market, home of the famous Monte Cristo sandwich at Du-par’s.

Michelle Madsen at Alfred's Tea

melrose place

Melrose Place is the cutest section of Melrose Ave, and it’s full of amazing food and designer stores. Alfred Tea is one of my favorite spots on this street (can’t get over those pink tile walls), and has some delicious matcha. There’re also a lot of perfect nooks around this area for photo ops!

runyon canyon

Runyon Canyon is an amazing hiking trail overlooking beautiful LA! With amazing views, this is perfect for a day outdoors and a great spot for sunset.

Michelle Madsen hiking Runyon Canyon
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the pink wall

There are so many cute walls in LA, but the Paul Smith pink wall is one of my favorites (never too much pink). I can’t believe I don’t have a recent photo by the pink wall because it’s actually right by my house…Here’s a pic I found on Pinterest for now, but maybe this means I need to visit soon!

santa monica pier

To finish off my list is maybe the biggest LA landmark, the Santa Monica Pier. This might be the most touristy spot of all, but the pier is such a fun part of LA. Riding the ferris wheel and walking along the beach is the perfect way to soak in the Cali sunshine… plus there’s a promenade nearby for alllll the shopping.

I love my city so much, and there’s so much more beyond this list to explore. Have you guys been here before/live here? Tell me some of your favorite places in LA!

i heart los angeles

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