Tulum Getaway

Hey guys! As you know, last week I came back from my trip to Mexico. I visited Tulum about a year ago and it quickly became one of my favorite destinations. I wanted to go back and experience the beaches, hotels and food all over again. I went right after NYFW and I found it to be the perfect relaxing trip after a hectic schedule. 

I stayed at the Nomade Hotel, but one of the best parts of Tulum is exploring all the different hotels. Last time I was there, I stayed at Papaya Playa, and each place has its own flavor. You can’t go wrong, because they all share the same strip of beach all along the coast. I would recommend if you wanted to do Tulum on budget you could even stay at a place in the city and drive to the beach during the day! The hotels in downtown Tulum can be much more affordable. 

Michelle Madsen at Matcha Mama in Tulum wearing sneakers and orange bathing suit top
Michelle Madsen from Take Aim breakfast in Tulum with fresh fruit, bred and green juices

One of the advantages of staying on the main strip on the beach is being so close to all the amazing restaurants. Some of the ones I visited was Gitano’s, Arca and The Real Coconut. Tulum has so many healthy food options, with amazing seafood and of course the best Mexican food. 

Michelle Madsen from Take Aim nightlife in Tulum at Gitano

One of my favorite spots to go to in the morning was Matcha Mama, they have amazing smoothies, healthy snacks and matcha lattes. We were also able to do yoga every morning, most of the hotels offer yoga as part of your stay. One of my favorite classes were taught by Audeo Yoga, where you wear headphones to hear the instructor and specially curated music for the classic. It was such a unique experience and would definitely recommend looking into taking one of their classes if you ever go to Tulum.

Michelle Madsen from Take Aim on the beach at sunset lying by the water


Michelle Madsen from Take Aim on the beach at sunset
Michelle Madsen from Take Aim wearing cream dress and crochet duster in front of teepee hammock

Michelle Madsen in downtown Tulum shopping for boho decor and dream catchers


Michelle Madsen in Tulum at Gitano restaurant
Michelle Madsen in Tulum at Nomade Hotel's yoga outdoor bungalow studio
Michelle Madsen in Tulum at sunset over the ocean
Michelle Madsen in Tulum eating at boho cafe with floor seating
Michelle Madsen in Tulum wearing black bathing suit and black hat on the beach
Michelle Madsen in Tulum eating healthy Mexican lunch at resort
Michelle Madsen in Tulum with teepee hammock on the beach

Michelle Madsen leopard bathing suit and neon phone case in Tulum

beach girl

Michelle Madsen nightlife in Tulum
Michelle Madsen wearing neon silk gown in Tulum jungle with blonde short hair

One thing I would recommend packing when going to Tulum is bug spray. It is a very humid climate and especially the time of the year I was there, it was full of mosquitos. 

Where are some of your favorite places to visit for rest and relaxation?

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