Ultimate Shoe Guide For Summer

I love summer because my toes get to breathe again, and it feels like there’s a lot more variety as far as what you can wear on your feet. I feel like shoes are one of the most fun things to shop for, because you basically can never have too many (or so they say). They’re also really easy to shop online since the sizing tends to be consistent across brands if you know your size. So… what better way to celebrate the days getting longer, than the ultimate shoe guide for summer?! Keep scrolling to shop some of my favorite picks from each category.

Coachella Popsicle

Sandals – Sandals are the obvious choice for summer because we finally get to let our toes see the sun! I like to have a combo of sandals with backs for every day wear and sandals without backs that can slide off easily when I go to the beach.

Mules – I wrote a whole post on mules recently because I’m in love with them this spring/summer. There are a lot of cute options for warm weather with cute colors and textures.

Summer Mules
Ultimate Shoe Guide for Summer, Sneakers

Sneakers – I wear sneakers a lot during the summer, because everyone tends to be more active outside and around town when the weather is warmer and the days are longer. Sometimes a good, comfy pair of sneakers that are easy to walk around in all day are just right.

Heels – I definitely wear heels all year round, but there are many more options during the summer from skinny sandal heels to chunky platforms.

Gucci Heels

Red Flats

Flats – One of my favorite types of flats to wear in the summer are espadrilles. I love my new lace up ones from Tory Burch!

Boots – Lately, boots are surprisingly acceptable for summer too! There are some boots with open sides that could keep you a little cooler in the heat, but there are also so many cute ankle boots with lighter, summery colors that will go with everything too.

Summer Boots