Understated On The Fourth Of July

Sometimes, on holidays, there’s this weird mix of expectations to be completely decked out in bright colored spirit-wear but to still somehow maintain enough of my style to feel like myself all day.  I love celebrating holidays and I definitely enjoy participating in Fourth of July festivities, but I’m not often feeling the stars and stripes swim suits or bright red and blue t-shirts. So, for those who want to be a little more fashionable today without losing their patriotic spirit, here’s how to look good on the Fourth of July:

1. Neck Scarves: I actually wrote about neck scarves in a post last week because they’re definitely of favorite accessory of mine. It’s easy to find bandanas or other square scarves in typical USA colors, so it’s a great way to incorporate some red, white or blue if you want the rest of your outfit to be simpler. Personally, I don’t wear a ton of red, but it’s fun to add it in with accessories (love these red tassel shoes too…)

2. Mixing in Other Colors: I feel like it’s totally ok to have another color in with your red, white and blue, so I wore a scarf with a bit of orange. It’s obviously not necessary, but it can make your outfit a little more interesting, especially if it’s subtle.

3. Minimal Stars and Stripes: Thin, vertical stripes are basically a staple in my closet, and they’re on dresses and shirts and skirts everywhere. These are easy because if you can wear stripes again for so many other occasions. I also wear my star bracelet with a lot of outfits because it’s so tiny, but it happens to be perfect for the Fourth of July.

I have to say in the end, though, the Fourth of July is about celebrating the freedom we have and usually take for granted. So to summarize everything, enjoy your holiday and don’t feel any pressure to run around in a costume today!


Everlane Shirt | Madewell Jeans | Janessa Leone Hat | Steve Madden Sandals | Hermes Scarf (similar)

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