Using Shiseido For Filter-Perfect Skin

You guys have probably noticed that Instagram is now doing all of those funny/cute filters that used to be only on Snapchat, like the dog ears and the flower crowns. I love playing around with those… they always make me lol. There are also a few filters that make your face look suuuper smooth and perfect, and I actually tried a product this week by Shiseido that is meant to imitate that exact look!

Shiseido’s Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother is all about acting like a filter to give you picture perfect skin. It’s really lightweight and velvety, and it comes out as a matte finish. It works by absorbing the excess sebum (basically the extra oils on your face!) to get rid of any unwanted shine and reduce the look of pores. It’s also created to help your skin build resistance, so that you won’t be as susceptible to future external stressors.

Mirror Selfie in Vanity Mirror using beauty products

filter perfect skin

I use it as the very last step in my skincare and makeup routine, so I actually apply it after I put on my full face of makeup and it really seals the deal so that I don’t have to do touchups throughout the day. It comes in a sleek, compact, blush bottle that literally could fit in my jeans’ pocket, so it’s the perfect thing to throw in one of my mini bags in case of a makeup emergency. That way I never end up needing to bring all of the makeup typically required for touch ups — so, so easy and convenient!

Using Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother
Shiseido Ibuki Skincare Products on a marble table

so silky smooth

I also loved trying two of their other products — the Ibuki Quick Fix Mist and the Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask. They’re all great products for nice skin!

Shiseido Ibuki Product Flatlay with pink flowers
Bag Spill Flatlay with Louis Vuitton Phone Case, Shiseido Products and Pink Flowers