Vacation In Florence With Luisaviaroma

If you have been following along with my Instagram stories, you’ve probably heard/seen many of the details from my amazing Italy trip! I wrote about the first half of my stay at The Amalfi Coast last week, but after leaving there I went on a mini vacation in Florence with Luisaviaroma.

Luisaviaroma was actually founded in Florence, and if you haven’t shopped there before, it’s an online store based in Italy, and they carry the best designers, including Self Portrait, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Isabel Marant, Valentino, and so many more. I’ve always known it as a great online store, and it was so cool to be able to go to Florence and visit their headquarters to see where it all started.

I got to hang out and spend some time with the CEO of Luisaviaroma and hear some of his stories about how his grandma actually originally started a boutique called “Luisa,” and he told me the whole story of how it has become what it is today. So cool!

As per usual in Italy, everything was beautiful and I had gelato literally every day (It’s just sooo good in Italy). I’ve been home for a couple of days, and I just went to the grocery store and stocked my fridge with a bunch of ingredients so i can continue making Italian dishes while I’m home. See below for the outfits I styled while in Florence — It was an amazing trip!

Wearing (above):

Dolce & Gabbana Tee | Isabel Marant Skirt | Dolce & Gabbana Shoes | Dolce & Gabbana Bag

matching with my macaroon

Pink Long Sleeve Valentino Dress with Black And White Caher Prada Bag

Valentino Dress | Prada Bag (similar)