Vlog #1: Is This How Vlogging Works?

Okay…there’s a lot of exciting Take Aim changes happening and my most favorite is that I’m starting to vlog!!! I’ve been wanting to take this next step for a long time, and finally decided to do it and break my camera shyness ;) I wanted to share my life with you guys, and thought what better way than to take you along on my daily adventures. Let me know what you think about this new change!

Vlog #1 had a perfect kick off with a girls trip to Cabo. I had such an amazing time with some of my fave girls, with pool hangs and amazing food (allllll the tacos and guacamole). The beach and views were just so gorgeous, take me back!

I got back to LA and had a mile long to do-list, but with every list comes some dance breaks… featuring Peter :)

I had a lot of outfits to shoot this week too, so Peter and my brother Matt were awesome to help me out <3

Memorial Day weekend was soooo fun, and called for lots of hiking! Peter and I went to Eden Canyon for some waterfall sightseeing, and then my sister and I went to Whitter, CA for hike #2 of the weekend. My sis and her husband went to get massages, so I took their two boys (my precious nephews) to a mandatory Target trip. I might spoil them a bit #funaunt ;)

Check out my very first vlog below, and leave a comment for what you think! :)

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