Wearing Summer Patterns

Yesterday and today have been some of the hottest days in LA ever (or at least it feels like it!) Currently, my air conditioner is broken and I feel like I’m living in a sauna… it’s been a little rough.  I’m excited for the temps to drop a little bit as the week continues.

It’s officially the first day of summer (yay!) so I guess it’s almost fitting that we would welcome the season with 102 degrees today (!!) Haha, I think I’m just trying to be positive over here.

Wearing summer patterns is something fun and easy I like to do when the weather changes. This top from Ganni is a pretty simple pattern and that’s actually what I love about it. It feels like something that can be worn over and over again without being noticed and it won’t go out of style since it’s such a timeless color and pattern. When shopping for fun patterns this summer, look for ones that you can re-wear all year long just by throwing on a jacket or using as a layering piece.


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