Outfits Of This Week: LA Days

This week has flown by! I spent time in Kentucky for Memorial Day weekend visiting my grandma and Jack’s family. Such a fun coincidence that we both have family in the same state… not to mention – good ol’ Louisville, KY is where I was born!  I spent the rest of the week in LA doing some adulting (aka getting a tooth pulled ugh!) and then unfortunately caught a cold the day after. Some weeks you have to just toss in the towel and spend your days in bed. Despite being sick, it’s been beautiful here in LA. 

I’ve loved being home and I have my sisters and mom coming up to visit me over the next couple of days to help me officially start moving out of my apartment in Echo Park. The summer is going to be a bit all over the place with spending time in NYC, Chicago and a few vacations that I’ve decided to put most of my possessions in a storage unit until October 1st! SO CRAZY. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m going to be without a home base over the next four months but I think it will be a good challenge to live more simply. I will still have my condo in West Hollywood that’s in the midst of being renovated that I can stay at while in LA.


| Tara Jarmon Jacket | Tara Jarmon Pants | Roger Vivier Bag | Roger Vivier Heels |

Needless to say, I have a busy weekend ahead getting my life packed up and situated between a few different cities. Wish me luck! What plans do you guys have this weekend?

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