Weekend Trip to Texas

Last weekend I took a quick trip to Texas for my cousin’s wedding! My whole family was in town, including all of my nieces and nephews (the actual cutest), which made the trip that much more fun. My handsome little nephew was the best wedding date a girl could ask for…and he has some killer dance moves. It was really such a fun trip, spending quality time with my fam, and reminded me how thankful I am for them. Plus, so excited for my cousin… I love love <3

It was really fun to have a New Year’s wedding to attend, because it was something to look forward to after all the holiday fun had died down. It felt like an extension of the time off and just the extra time I needed to go into 2018 completely refreshed. Speaking of 2018, I’m definitely kicking my resolutions into gear…but may have splurged on BBQ and Tex-Mex a couple nights (too good to pass up)! I mean, it was technically a mini vaca right?

Now I’m back in La La Land and ready to really get 2018 into motion! Let’s do this!

love my fam

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