West Hollywood City Guide

Next in the series of city guides is West Hollywood! I love West Hollywood for meetings, events, and unique photo ops that I can’t find in downtown LA. It’s usually very crowded in WeHo area, but somehow the culture still feels laid back and cool. I wrote an entire guide dedicated to my favorite part of West Hollywood, Melrose Place, so here are my favorites from the rest of the city:

Gracias Madre West Hollywood

Beaming West Hollywood


Gracias Madre – I loveee Mexican food, and Gracias Madre is even better because it’s all fresh, organic ingredients. They have amazing tacos and guac.

Assembly – Assembly is a cafe, retail and community space all in one. They have amazing food and a beautiful space, and I love that they’re focused on bringing people together!

Beaming – Beaming is basically a superfood cafe. Think of it like a juice bar, only they also have so many healthy options for cleansing with food. Their whole menu is online here.

Au Fudge – Au Fudge is another good one for all natural food and drinks. They serve brunch, lunch and dinner, and they also have a store and a kids’ creative space. They actually have adorable activities for kids, including cooking classes for ages 3 and up (saving this for my future children!).

Sack Sandwiches – Sack is owned by Ink, and I love their simple concept – It’s basically an upgraded version of the classic sack lunch. They’re super fast to get your food ready, but they taste 10x better than any other “fast food” sandwich shop. The closest thing I can think of is like a really good New York Deli.

Vintage Enoteca – Vintage Enoteca is a wine bar and cafe right on Sunset. They change their menu seasonally and it’s always really good food. If you’re interested in wine, you can sample all different wines and they will tell you all about it and which dishes it pairs with well.

Urth Caffe – I’ve written about Urth Caffe in my other city guides because it’s a good, classic LA cafe. They have such a good variety of foods and it’s always really busy because it’s so popular.

Zinqué Cafe – Zinqué is first a coffee and wine bar but they also serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. They also cater and deliver!

Assembly West Hollywood


Alfred Coffee – Everybody knows about Alfred Tea on Melrose, but they also have a coffee shop “in the alley”. They have so many cute signs and photo ops, including the “But First, Coffee” sign that everyone posts on Instagram.

Verve Coffee –  Verve coffee is a fair trade coffee shop, also with very Instagrammable spots. Their downtown location has an amazing plant wall, but the WeHo spot has a nice, clean feel that’s more minimal.

Coffee Commissary – Coffee Commissary is another West Hollywood classic, though they do have three other locations as well.

Cafe IF – I love how Cafe IF is super simple. They basically just have coffee and tea and a couple of baked goods!

Carrera Cafe – Carrera is a European style coffee shop, but they actually do have several food options as well, like subs and salads.

Alfred Tea West Hollywood

Melrose Place West Hollywood


Melrose Place – I actually wrote an entire post on my favorite spots just within Melrose Place, because there are so many cute designer shops there. I love all of the plants and luxury French-style store fronts there.

The Grove – The Grove is one of the most popular malls in West Hollywood area. It’s a great go-to if you’re looking for more main stream stores like Urban Outfitters, Madewell, etc. It’s all outdoors and it’s really pretty! They also have a Farmer’s Market that I love to visit for food.

Paul Smith – Paul Smith is more famously known as “The Pink Wall” because the front is all pink and everryyyyone takes photos there. It’s also actually a really cool store inside, full of home goods, clothes and art. It’s kind of like an upscale version of Anthropologie.

The Grove West Hollywood